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Support to Carers

First Steps Fostering identify that to provide excellent quality placements, regular reflective supervision and support is required. Weekly supervisory visits will be offered (as necessary). Supervision provides a space for carers to reflect on their practice and the needs of the children and their parents in placement.  

The training and development of foster carers is also constantly monitored and considered to promote professional development and growth to ensure carers are equipped to provide high quality placements. Unannounced visits to foster carers will take place three times a year. This is to complete checks to ensure an elevated level of care is being provided by the carers.  

Foster carers are expected, as part of their role, to provide regular  written logs for the children in their care. We recognise that to uphold such recording, carers will require support to do so to ensure that these logs are evidenced based, analytical, and accurately record the child's journey. 1:1 support will be provided by the supervising Social Worker to ensure that these logs are of good quality and are completed regularly. 

First Steps Fostering will also provide an out of hours service so that foster carers have a point of contact should they need support or advice outside of business hours. 

First Steps Fostering  recognise that the nature  of the placements carers provide, are high in intensity with limited time for carers to manage personal matters. A member of the team will be available to provide pre arranged respite during the day at least once per month.


Activity days are organised for our fostering families as we appreciate that fostering provides challenges for the whole family.  This sees fostering families enjoying trips to the seaside, theme parks as well as family fun days to celebrate festivities.

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